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Eupatorium fistulosum – Joe Pye Weed


Joe Pye weed or trumpetweed – Available for shipping mid May
(syn. Eutrochium fistulosum)
Trumpetweed is a robust, upright perennial with hollow purple stems accented by huge, rounded, tight clusters of pink or purplish-mauve flowers. It is an important pollen and nectar plant and attracts butterflies (particularly the swallowtail butterfly) and other pollinaters by the dozens. Its height makes it an excellent backround plant in border perennial beds, but is also majestic standing alone. Flower color is darker in cooler weather.

Joe Pye weed Interesting Notes
The genus Eupatorium is named after Mithridates VI Eupator (c. 120-63 BC) the most powerful king of Pontus, who may have used a plant in the genus as a remedy, or perhaps an antidote, as he was known to have ingested small amounts of many types of poison in order to attain immunity. The species name fistulosum refers to the hollow stem. The Joe Pye of the common name is that of a character in 19th-century New England who may have been a Native American healer (real name Zhopai?) or a white promoter of Indian themes. At any rate he is credited with using Joe-Pye Weed to cure settlers of typhus by sweating them.

Eupatorium fistulosum Growing and Maintenance Tips
Moist or wet soil is preferred, although Joe Pye Weed is known to grow just about anywhere. Spreads by underground rhizomes. Eupatorium is most typically propagated by division but is just as easily transplanted. Division, as well as thinning should be done frequently to ensure vigorous growth and reduce spread. Cuttings may also be rooted. Eupatorium ssp. in general benefit from fertilization throughtout the growing season. Staking is also helpful for support.

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