Echinacea – Cheyenne Spirit
Echinacea – Cheyenne Spirit
First year flowering perennial
Mix of colors from purple, pink, red and orange tones to lighter yellows, creams and whites
Well-branched and floriferous
All-America Selections Winner, 2013
Recipient of Europe’s FleuroSelect Gold Medal award
Introduced by Ball Seed/Kieft Seed

A 2013 All-America Selection Award Winner, and for good reason – they’re durable, easy to grow and gorgeous! A delightful mix of colors from rich purples, pinks, reds and oranges to lighter yellows, creams and whites makes a bold statement in a perennial border, butterfly garden or patio container. Drought tolerant and low maintenance, these coneflowers do not require deadheading to maintain their flower power! The spent blooms turn to seeds, providing winter food for songbirds and architectural interest.

Brilliant colour range is available for the first time from seed. Excellent branching puts more flowers on every plant. First-year flowering in both gallons and quarts. Cheyenne Spirit features sought-after shades of red, orange, purple, scarlet, cream, yellow and white – all now available from economical seed! Excellent genetics bring you extremely well-branched plants for more flowers on every plant – high-impact landscapes and fuller looking containers. This great branching also saves on chemical costs usually required to obtain a quality plant. Suitable for gallons and quarts, Cheyenne Spirit brings opportunities to offer product at various price points for differing market and retailer needs. It is also possible to plant one per quart to separate colours, if desired. This first year-flowering perennial is also suitable for traditional perennial production, making it easy for programmable production based upon grower conditions and methods. A Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner. A 2013 European and Rest of World Introduction. A 2014 North America introduction

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Echinacea ‘Pica Bella’
Echinacea – Pica Bella

Hope you’re ready–’Pica Bella’ is a prolific bloomer! Flowers sport thin, spiky pink petals that look like glowing rays emanating from the central orange-bronze cone. This compact Echinacea is perfect for a small area.

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Helenium flexuosum 'Tiny Dancer'
Helenium flexuosum – Tiny Dancer Sneezeweed

Grow in full sun or partial shade in average to moist soils. Tolerant of a variety of garden conditions, but prefers not to be in a very dry location

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