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Rudbeckia hirta – Cherry Brandy Black-eyed Susan


This striking Rudbeckia hybrid leaves the standard gold-color behind! Its shockingly-red, velvety blooms will ignite the garden with weeks and weeks of color in the summer through fall. The unique bi-color blooms, on compact, beautiful foliage, will put on a show in the front of your garden or in a container.

As the state flower of Maryland, we understand why everyone loves Black Eyed Susans. Cherry Brandy takes the classic beauty of the standard, yellow Rudbeckia and puts a unique, bright twist with rings of reds and maroons, coming into a chocolate-brown center. Plant this beauty and enjoy long-lasting blooms when much of the garden has settled down for the season.

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Cherry Brandy is a hybrid with vivid red, soft petals that deepen towards the rich, brown center. A long-lasting bloomer, this Rudbeckia will produce striking blooms throughout the summer and into the fall. (Rudbeckia hirta)

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