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Looks great in the first year for instant satisfaction, and provides many seasons of great colour thereafter.

  • PowWow puts more flowers on every plant than any other seed Echinacea, for a terrific, nonfading colour show!
  • Colour-packed pair is well-matched for habit and timing.
  • Fuller, shorter and better branched than many tissue culture Echinacea – can be grown without growth regulators and shipped tight on racks.
  • Programmable to meet market dates.
  • Versatile series works well from gallon containers to premium packs.
  • Packs are suitable for landscaper in-colour or green plant sales and for prairie-to-go programs.
  • Very drought-tolerant, easy-care plants stay tidy at retail with long holdability.

Height: 16 to 20 in./40 to 50 cm first year; 22 to 24 in./56 to 61 cm second year

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